Our products are natural, with no sugars & additives

Our Advantages

We believe that drying is the future of food keeping due to its superiority when compared to other types of preservation. No life form can survive without water and this also applies to microorganisms. In other words, dehydration (removal of water) of food products, completely and permanently stops the activity of microorganisms i.e. biological food content is stabilized in a long-term.

We wish to apply dry air dehydration because it is the only natural way.

A major advantage of drying in comparison with other kinds of food preservation is that by soaking in water, dried products can be used as fresh i.e. product quality shall not be affected by drying and then by moisture restoring and it shall not differ from the quality, taste and nutritional value of the fresh products. Dried fruit is sweeter than the fresh because by removing the water content the sugar concentration increases.

Our system

We offer to domestic and foreign markets energy efficient, universal, cost-effective systems for drying fruits and vegetables. Our systems can be adapted both to large industrial capacities, and to individual agricultural producers.

We have carefully tested and controlled every stage in the production process in order to obtain the top quality product. Thanks to the application of innovative contemporary technology of the drying plant ACM-2000 and scientific-technological knowledge in the field of food processing, we have obtained a product, which by its quality satisfied all HACCP standards for food production, and thus provided indispensable conditions for its export to the EU and a number of other markets.