Our story is, obviously, True story.

And to cut a long true story short, we are perfect.

As a product and as a brand. And let us keep it that way.

As you can see, we would like to keep things simple.

We are created with an idea of simplicity, with an idea of healthy and tasty food that will always be your right choice.

That’s why we are brutally honest, witty, bright and brilliant.

We are not like other shiny product, so please, let us present to you.

Our values


As a basic pillar where from everything begins. If it is not fulfilled, there is no point in doing anything further. Sincerity reflects itself in the very product, in relationship with stakeholders, attitude towards oneself. The brand may not make compromises and, the most important of all, it has to be in harmony with itself.



In such form in which the nature has it, too. The brend must be aware of its role in the lives of people and position itself in such a way to put a human being in the centre stage. Playing a supporting role gives meaning to the brand and makes it a healthy and amusing habit.


We are the most beautiful when we are smiling. Positive energy, optimism, belief in nicer and better tomorrow, celebration of life, these all are our characteristics we are proud of.


Aspiration to perfection, harmoniousness of body and spirit. As our products are the best from nature, we have to make sure that they remain so, and that also any activity of ours follows that perfection. One of the examples is also a closed eco-system of production which affirms this value.

Why dried fruit & vegetables?

Drying is the simplest and most natural way of all procedures for food conservation, by which food freshness is preserved given that most of free water is extracted from it. Lower level of water content slows down respiration rate, enzyme reactions and overall velocity of spoilage, due to which products become more durable for keeping and much easier and cheaper for storing and transport.



By applying innovative technologies and in harmony with nature to produce tasty and really healthy dried fruit and vegetables products



Production of tasty and healthy food through the process enabling the Company growth, at the same time preserving the nature for future generations.